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Catering Wedding, Corporate, Holiday & Special Events around Northeast Kansas

Our food has wonderful flavor and includes generous servings. It is generally homemade or it tastes like it is.
We always make every effort to have a beautiful presentation that coordinates with your event.
The salad and rolls are served buffet style, but the hot food is served to your guests by our attendants.
Your dinner will flow smoother and requires less time in line for your guests. Bon Appetite!

Dinner Menu | Cocktail Menu | Breakfast Menu

Price Includes:
All Menus ($250.00 minimum order with a $100.00 Deposit)
For a full service event will include: Set-up, Servers, Clean-up (Service & Prep area only),
Tea, Coffee, & Water, Table Service (Disposable Napkins, Disposable Clear Plates &
Table Service, Glasses, & Coffee Cups).
China, Linens, & Crystal can be arranged for an Extra Charge
All items can be delivered in disposable containers to your event.
Special arrangements can be bid according.
There is a $30.00 Delivery Charge to Topeka Area ask for additional cities
Guest Tables can be bused for an hour after dinner for $125.00/100 guests plus 20% gratuity
Gratuity is not required but is always appreciated

Dinner Menu

Dinner Number One
Choice of One Entrée, One Salad, One Vegetable, One Potato, Rolls and Butter
$9.75/Adults $8.75/Child (6-10)

Dinner Number Two
Choice of Two Entrées, One Salad, Two Vegetables, One Potato, Rolls and Butter
$11.25/Adults $10.25/Child (6-10)

Roast Beef (Slow Roasted & Fork Tender)
Sliced Ham (Baked Bone In Plain-Pineapple-Cherry Sauce)
Chicken Breasts/Fillets with Sauce (Choose One) (Teriyaki -BBQ-Garlic & Herb)
Chicken-Fried or Grilled Mesquite
Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pork Tenderloin,
Sirloin Tips in Stroganoff Sauce over Noodles,
Classic Italian Lasagna with Meat or Vegetarian Home style, Meatloaf,
Pork Chops Smothered in Creamy Mushroom Sauce,
Choice of Pasta with Red Sauce (Plain - with Meat or Meatballs),
Choice of Pasta with White Sauce (Plain - with Grilled Chicken Strips),
**Pasta meals DO NOT include a potato selection**
Slow roasted Brisket with KC Masterpiece served on the side

Salad Selections
Crisp House Salad with assorted Dressings, Seven-Layer Salad, Caesar Salad,
Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad, Three-Bean Salad,
Pineapple Cream Salad, Watergate Pistachio Salad, Strawberry Bavarian Salad,
Creamy Italian Pasta Salad, Pea Salad, Summer Tomato - Cucumber Salad,
Fluffy Vanilla Fruit Salad, Mandarin Orange Salad, Poppy Seed Salad

Vegetable and Potato Selections
Scalloped Potatoes, Oven Roasted Potatoes, AuGratin Potatoes, Baked Potatoes,
Mashed Potatoes with White or Brown Gravy, Cheese-Hash Brown Potatoes,
Sweet Potatoes (Plain or with Brown Sugar/Butter Sauce),
Smokey Baked Beans, Seasoned Wild Rice, White Rice, Broccoli & Rice,
Green Beans (Buttered - With Bacon - With Slivered Almonds),
Seasoned Buttered Corn, Baby Carrots (Honey glazed or Buttered), Buttered Peas,
Vegetable Medley (Seasoned & Buttered or with Creamy Swiss Cheese Sauce)

Cocktail Menu

Price Includes:.
For a full service event, a combination of a minimum of $8.50/person with a $150.00 order.

$1.75 per selection/person $2.00 per selection/person $2.50 per selection/person
Cocktail Sandwiches
With Shaved Ham & Turkey
Add Cheese/$.25 Per Person
Mixed Bread Sandwich Selection With Shaved Ham & Turkey& Roast Beef
Add Cheese/$.25 Per Person
Chicken Salad on Croissants
BBQ Meatballs BBQ Beef And Ham On Buns Ham Roll-Ups
BBQ Smokies Vegetable Display / Trays Chicken On A Stick
Hot Wings Fruit Display/Tray Roast Beef Tortilla Wraps
Swedish Meatballs Chicken Drummettes W/ Sauces Stuffed Mushrooms
Honey BBQ Wings Apple Sausage Pieces Shrimp With Zesty Sauce
Baked Beans Teriyaki Or Garlic & Herb Chicken Strips Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts/Shrimp
Pineapple Cream Salad Chicken And Beef Mexican Taquitos Tomato Bruschetta With Crackers
Strawberry Bavarian Assorted Cheese Pieces Or Slices/Crackers Shrimp Dip
Creamy Italian Pasta Salad Assorted Pies Or Cobblers/Crisps Sliced Meat Tray/Crackers
Macaroni Salad Meat & Cheese Spiral Pinwheels Cheesecake And Assorted Toppings
Vanilla Mixed Fruit Salad Tortilla Roll-Ups Stuffed Baked Brie
Pistachio Watergate Salad Spinach Artichoke Dip/ Crackers Marinated Mozzarella Cubes
Three Bean Salad Miniature Cream Puffs & Eclairs Sourdough Bread With Dill Dip & Bread Pieces
Cole Slaw Cheese Ball/ Crackers  
Nacho Chips & Salsa Zesty Tomato/Cucumber Salad  
Potato Salad Chip and Dip Selections  
Assorted Cookies & Brownies Mexican Layer Dip With Nachos  

Breakfast Menu
$1.75 per selection/person minimum $8.00 per person $150.00 order
Sausage Egg Casserole Or Bacon Egg Casserole
Vegetarian Hash Brown Casserole
Muffins, Coffee Cake, & Bread Selection
Mixed Fruit Bowl (Not Fresh)
Assorted Juice Selection
Assorted Breakfast Meats
Breakfast Burritos With Salsa
Baked French Toast Sticks
Petite Quiches (Can Be Ordered For Other Occasions)
Country Quiche
Scrambled Egg Brunch Bread
Frozen Fruit Slush
Biscuits & Gravy