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Catering Wedding, Corporate, Holiday & Special Events around Northeast Kansas

Our cakes are baked fresh, Never Frozen!!
We make every effort possible to interpret your ideas,
thoughts, and pictures into the special cake that you have dreamed of.
There will be an additional charge for unusual or "special" decorations
that are not included in the regular charge

Cake Shapes:
Round, Heart, Square, Oval, Hexagon and Petal
Layers can be mixed or the same "No Extra Charge"

Layers can be mixed or the same "No Extra Charge"
You may choose from many flavors including:

Chocolate White (vanilla) Strawberry Lemon Carrot
Spice Yellow Chocolate Chip Cherry Chip Butter Pecan
Red Velvet Raspberry Orange Pineapple
Marbled or Swirled selections: White/Chocolate White/Strawberry Yellow/Chocolate

Cake Pricing List
Approximate Serving Size
Three-Tiered 6,10,14 inch Layers
Serves 120-140*
Four-Tiered 6,8,10,14 inch Layers
Serves 140-160*
*Serving size of wedding cakes do not include the top tier
Deposit $50.00
Satellite Cakes or tier sizes changed or added
6 in. Layers
Serves 8-15
$ 15.00
7 in. Layers
Serves 15-20
$ 20.00
8 in. Layers
Serves 20-30
$ 30.00
9 in. Layers
Serves 24-32
$ 40.00
10 in. Layers
Serves 40-50
$ 50.00
11 in. Layers
Serves 50-60
$ 70.00
12 in. Layers
Serves 48-72
$ 80.00
14 in. Layers
Serves 62-76
15 in. Layers
Serves 77-98
16 in. Layers
Serves 100-128
Sheet Cakes    
One-fourth Sheet Decorated
Serves 12-15
One-Half Sheet Decorated**
Serves 32+
Three-quarter Sheet Decorated**
Serves 40-50
Full Sheet Decorated**
Serves 64+
**Cakes can include multiple flavors.

Our signature frosting is a light, flavored, stable frosting. Our cakes do not need refrigeration.
You may provide Fresh or Silk Flowers that coordinate with your wedding colors,
Gum paste or unusual frosting flowers are available for an additional fee.
All rolled Fondant designed cakes are $3.00 per serving.

Cookie Favors (simple designs and decorations):
$1.25 per cookie (approx. size 4-5 inches)
Bagged with coordinating ribbon $2.00 per cookie

Extra Rental Charges and Hardware Deposit:
Fountain, Plates, & 13in. Column
$ 30.00
Floating Tier Stand
$ 20.00
16 Inch White Cake Plate (4 in. legs)
$ 10.00
Large White Satin Base/Styrofoam
(Decorated & Used Under Fountain)
$ 20.00
Acrylic Spool Stand
$ 30.00
One split: (plates/pillars)
Two Splits: (plates/pillars)
Additional Sets (plates/pillars
***Deposits will be charged for individual pieces needed to assemble your cake. Deposits will be returned if all parts are returned in the same condition with the box by Monday or Tuesday after the wedding.

A $ 25.00 delivery fee will be charged for Topeka.
Delivery charges to other locations will be determined on an individual basis.
Any special delivery times to accommodate florist or reception locations will be $50.00.